Stay updated on exciting airdrop events hosted & shared by Fugu Society. Discover the benefits of participating in airdrops, including the opportunity to earn points for your activity, which you can later redeem for exclusive rewards from Fugu Society. Explore our two featured platforms, Airlfyt and Zealy, each offering unique advantages

Participating in airdrop events is an excellent way to earn cryptocurrency rewards. Fugu Society consistently hosts airdrop events and shares updates on the latest airdrops, offering you the chance to receive tokens and assets at no cost. Explore our community on Airlyft for airdrop recommendations, and join our Zealy community for the most current airdrop information. The best part is, your active participation will earn you points that can be redeemed on future Airlyft Shop platforms. Stay tuned for our upcoming airdrop announcements!


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The list of airdrop events on Airlyft is affiliated with Fugu Society, serving as the hosting platform for these events. With Airlyft as the questing platform for the Fugu Society community, users can participate in our events anytime, anywhere, and earn XP and FUEL rewards. Airlyft offers features that facilitate transparent reward deposits between projects and communities. Furthermore, there is an upcoming feature called the Community Shop, where communities can exchange their FUEL earnings for exclusive rewards. Learn more about Airlyft One!

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Dive into a world of exclusive NFTs, crypto merchandise, and more. Use your hard-earned FUEL to unlock unique items and show off your Fugu Society pride. With a variety of offerings, the Community Shop is where your rewards come to life. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of the Fugu Society experience. Explore the shop now!​

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Never let regret hold you back. Opportunities rarely knock twice. Seize your chance now or it might slip away forever! Visit our Airlyft Community today!

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